Mobile App - It's Free

Create, Update and Share your Family Tree using TribalPages' free companion app. Invite family members to view or participate in your family tree.
  • Update names and details from your phone
  • Add and Tag Photos
  • Get updated lists of upcoming birthdays
  • Invite Family to view or update the family tree
  • Check the activity log to see who has visited your site and what updates they made.

This app is a companion for your Private Family Tree website at Invite family members to view or update the family tree. You can choose the level permission you give each invited member. They will receive an invitation via email. The activity log shows when each member visits your site and what changes they have made.

Take pictures of your relatives or ancestral places. Tag the pictures and add them to your family tree. This is great when you visit family or at reunions.

Available on the App Store    Android app on Google Play